Success at first Taekwon-Tots Grading!!

On Sunday 17th September, the first ITFA Tots Grading took place at ITFA HQ in Alexandria. Our first group of Tots all looked great in their new doboks and were a little nervous about what was to come.

The students lined up on the floor in front of Grading examiner, Miss Boulton Smith. After a short warm-up, the  grading candidates were asked to sit at the back of the training area.

One by one, each student came up on the floor and performed their Grading Syllabus which included Fundamental movements, Balance, Agility and Terminology (questions). Miss Boulton Smith was very impressed with how all the students performed, as the standard was very high showing the students had been practicing at home with their parents as well as in class!

All students were successful in attaining their yellow tip and will move onto the green tip syllabus for Term 4.


ITFA Tots Classes to open at ITFA HQ!!!

Miss Boulton Smith is pleased to announce the return of ITFA Tots classes!!! There has been a change of venue to the newly opened ITFA Dojang (Taekwon-Do Training Hall) in Alexandria, Sydney. This custom venue has a fully matted training area, mirrored wall and designated ‘breaking’ area. There is also a public viewing area, changing rooms, toilets and kitchen area.

Classes will start on Tuesday 19th July and will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am throughout the school term.

To register your child for a free trial class, call or email Miss Boulton Smith today on or call 0424 293 301.

HQ 3

ITFA Students Training at ITFA HQ (Step Sparring)

Venue Secured for Inaugral Taekwon-Do Tots Class in Sydney!!!

At last the Taekwon-Do Tots concept has found a home!! The very first class in this programme will be at the Jewish Folk Hall, 5 Saber Street, Woollahra on Thursday 12th February 2015!

I invite any families with children between the age of 3 and 5 to attend for your free trial!

To register, contact